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Social media is here and it’s here to stay.
As it dovetails perfectly with your printed marketing collateral, we have decided to make our in-house social media team available to all Splash customers.
We are aware you may be looking after your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin platforms but we also know that when you manage it yourselves you can never devote enough time or expertise to the task.
Already with proven results for select Splash clients, our in-house team have the digital expertise to accelerate your business sales through growing and optimising your social media channels.
We are here to either start you off from scratch or take over what you have already begun. With a number of affordable package deals to pick from we can tailor make a plan to suit you.
We are happy to have a chat on the phone or come and see you in your offices to give you more information. We also have a rate card which can be emailed to you.

Pointers on how Splash will help you boost your social media presence and lead to more sales.

1. Find the correct platforms
The type of business you are will depend on which social media platforms we choose for you. This is crucial to hit your target audience and achieve maximum response.
2. Engage your audience
We would post interesting, shareable content that people will want to read. Whether we create the content ourselves or share it from another source, we make sure that the posting has value. We would share interesting pieces about your local area, or light-hearted viral content to get your name out there. We would make use of vibrant, attractive imagery and videos – mixing up your media is crucial. Filling your social channel with engaging content will draw people to your page and keep them hooked .
3. It’s not all about sales
Leading on from point 1, we will not just post listings or news about your business. Yes, we will be featuring products or offers on your page, but sales posts should only make up around 20% of what we post. The other 80% should be lifestyle posts, and content that people can read and share.If you flood your channel with nothing but sales, people will soon switch off.
4. Consistent
Consistency is key – both in the tone of voice of our posts and the frequency on which we deliver them. We decide upon what tone you want to set for your social media, then ensure we stick to this style when posting on your accounts. We make sure you stay professional at all times and never post anything that could be deemed controversial or offensive. We post regularly. It’s no good posting five posts one day then nothing the next – this is why we would use a scheduler to organise your content.
5. Responsive
It’s imperative that we respond to customer interaction in a timely manner. If people post negative reviews or feedback on your page or come to you with a problem, we make sure to reply in a professional and understanding manner, providing a solution to their issue or a way for them to contact you directly. The public nature of social media means that other customers can see your interactions, so we ensure that we’re promoting you in a positive light.

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